Company Overview

Company Overview

AllMax has been a leader in the development of data management and reporting software specifically designed for wastewater, water, pretreatment, biosolids and industrial applications since 1994, serving over 2000 customers around the world. Providing state-of-the-art technology and innovative software solutions, our product and purchase options, value-added services and experienced personnel, we are able to address the unique needs of plants and facilities and positively impact overall operations.

We offer products for stand-alone workstation and network systems to plants and facilities of all sizes. The systems include both PC-based LAN systems and server-based systems. Key services include expert technical consultancy, training, workshops, program setups, installation and data conversions.

Our philosophy has never wavered: Meet or exceed clients' data management and reporting needs by providing comprehensive, reliable, user-friendly programs with the flexibility to grow as needs grow.

We are dedicated to our customers!

  • Providing software programs and services to the environmental and maintenance industries.
  • Designing programs that are powerful, yet easy to use, and meet the needs of our clients, including industry and regulatory reporting needs.
  • Making product development a priority being proactive and steered by users' comments, suggestions and the ever-changing rules, regulations and requirements of industry and government.
  • Training AllMax staff to be knowledgeable in the features and functions of the programs, and understand how the programs are implemented and used by our clients.
  • Knowing that the client's needs will always come first.

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Statement of Benefits

AllMax software is developed with the intent to simplify data entry, collection, distribution and maintenance and provide tools that enable users to reduce operating and maintenance costs, standardize and structure company-wide data, increase productivity and improve efficiencies.

  • Our software solutions balance up-front investment against long-term operating costs to deliver the best overall value and ROI.
  • Our solutions will integrate into your technical environment seamlessly.
  • We offer the best combination of experience, service, innovation and value. Few direct competitors provide the level of simplicity, customization and service that AllMax provides.
  • Our approach to software engineering seeks out and incorporates your feedback to ensure you have a voice in product development and achieve your goals.
  • Our emphasis on clear lines of communication ensures responsiveness.