"We have been using AllMax for a lot of years and each year the updates provided improve the product. With this program it is so much easier to keep tabs on our facilities and our vehicle fleet. It helps me keep everything organized and makes daily operations run much smoother. Thank You AllMax!!"

- Jeff from Iowa

"We use Operator10 to create and print out a vast amount of reports on plant processes. including state required monthly operational reports. The program allows us to look at a multitude of parameters to check on water quality, historical and short-term trends of chemical usage or water quality parameters."

- Frank from West Virginia

"We are about two third's through a 50+ million dollar improvement to our facility. Without the Allmax Antero maintenance software keeping up with the new equipment and creating preventive maintenance schedules would have been impossible.

I've been an Allmax customer for many years. I always thought Antero was the best maintenance software I had ever used, however I have to say the recent updates to it have made it even better. In addition your sales staff and technical support far exceed my expectation."

- Chris from Oklahoma

"I love using Operator10 to go back in time to trend and graph my data."

- Matt from Ohio

"Operator10 easily integrates with spreadsheets that I have developed in my billing system."

- Keith from Ohio

"AllMax products are first rate and Synexus is no different. Its abilities and capabilities help save valuable time and effort. Background calculations with SNC determination make complex issues easy.

I truly love the eDV aspect with lab and industrial data being sent via e-mail and then just commanding its population. This feature eliminates data errors due to humans duplicating entries and my sometimes- bad typing skills.

We have most of Allmax’s product line and recommend any and all. Besides fantastic data management and control, their Tech support always “rocks” when needed and called upon!"

- Chris from Ohio

"I love the reporting ease of Operator10."

- Marc from Ohio

"I want to take this opportunity to thank AllMax Software, Inc. for the Operator10 wastewater software that has been such a tremendous asset for the past 27 years of my wastewater career. I was first introduced to the software while working for an engineering firm that was a sister company to the original developer of the software. We utilized the software to monitor process control and troubleshoot operating issues for our wastewater clients. It was during this time that we hired Russ Maxwell, now President of AllMax Software, Inc., as an operator at one of our contract operation clients. Russ eventually left our firm, purchased the Operator10 product line and developed it into the outstanding product that it is today.

In 1994, I became the Superintendent of the City of Canton (Ohio) Water Reclamation Facility. Operator10 was one of the first purchases I made in Canton. Operator10 has been my “right-hand” in the day-to-day operation of our facility ever since. Operator10 provides all of the process control calculations, record keeping, regulatory reporting and troubleshooting tools needed to efficiently and effectively operate our facility. In addition to our great staff, Operator10 has played a key role in our facility’s exceptional compliance record that has resulted in 14 consecutive Peak Performance awards from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies.

Operator10 is, by far, the single best tool I have ever utilized in my wastewater career! With prompt technical support and annual product enhancements, Operator10 just keeps getting better and better! Thank you AllMax Software, Inc. and Russ Maxwell for such a fine product!!! "

- Tracy from Ohio