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Antero CMMS

Maintenance Data Management Software

Antero CMMS

Antero CMMS

Maintenance Data Management Software

A monitor displaying Antero CMMS.

Computerize Your Maintenance Records with Antero CMMS

Get equipment and asset tracking, work order management, meaningful reports and more with Antero Computerized Maintenance Management Software.

Maintenance managers have shared with us that one of their primary concerns is always “making sure that the work got done.” With Antero, not only can you schedule preventive maintenance tasks to create your work orders, but you can also track when the work is completed. This includes detailed information on when the work was scheduled, when it was completed, labor, parts and more.

Equipment And Asset Tracking

Tracking equipment and assets is a core part of any maintenance program. With Antero, the Equipment section allows you to create comprehensive records on all of your equipment.

Enter as much detail as you need, including description, location, original value, vendor and warranty information and more. Enter consequence of failure and probability of failure numbers to calculate asset criticality.

Review work order Templates and Procedures that have been created for a piece of equipment, currently open work orders, maintenance history, in-service history and more.


- Create a comprehensive list of all your equipment and assets, including as much detail as you need.

- Calculate Asset Criticality.

- Attach documents, pictures, and hyperlink to websites.

- Review currently open work orders and a record of maintenance history.

- Quickly create corrective work orders.

Stay On Track With My Work

Take control of your assigned work in the My Work section. Easily sort and organize assigned work orders and procedures. Quickly view and complete work with the Work Order Viewer tool.

View your Calendar, customize a Dashboard with useful information, or locate your equipment with Mapping. My Work ensures that all of the information necessary to get a job done is easily accessible for Antero users.


- Manage and complete your assigned work.

- Customize your Dashboard with important data.

- Access your Calendar to organize your work day/week.

- Quickly locate assets and equipment with Mapping.

Work Management Improves Work Flow

Facility managers have identified that ensuring maintenance is getting done is a top priority. The Work Management section gives you all of the tools in order to ensure work orders and procedures are distributed, reviewed, and completed.

Easily create and schedule new preventative maintenance templates and procedures. Quickly identify and distribute new work orders or address work that needs attention. Custom statuses and indicators give you the information necessary to make decisions.


- Create and schedule work orders.

- Create and assign custom statuses to organize work.

- Distribute work to assigned users or Maintenance Groups.

- Review and complete work orders.

- Create and schedule Procedures for reoccurring tasks that require checklists or step by step instructions.

Meaningful Reports

Antero includes numerous built-in stock reports. Drill down to gain a better understanding of your maintenance program.

While Antero features popular usage and cost reports, others are available as well, including employee and labor, parts usage, vendors and ordering and a variety of reports related to work orders and procedures. Custom reports are also available as a service through our technical support department.


- Antero offers numerous stock reports to let you see the most critical information about your maintenance program.

- Designate Memorized reports to quickly access your most important/frequently used reports.

- Stock reports allow for customization