Tech Tip - Antero Custom Calendar Views for Open Work Orders

January 24, 2017

Do you have multiple employees with multiple work orders assigned to them? Need a quick way for your employees to view all their open work orders at a glance?

Here's how to set up an Open Work Order Calendar view for each employee in Antero.

  • Go to your Dashboard tab in the application ribbon at the top of the program and select ‘Create View.’
  • Repeat this process as often as needed to create multiple Open Calendar Tabs.
  • Inside the Open Calendar Page filter by Assigned Employee from the filter panel on the right side of your desktop. Be certain to click apply when you have selected your employee.
  • Now you will want to rename your tab to correspond with the assigned employee’s name by right clicking on the tab ‘Open Work Order Calendar Page’ and then selecting the ‘Rename Page’ option.
  • Be Sure to click on the red floppy disk to save your Dashboard once you have everything set up.

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