Tech Tip - July 27, 2016

July 27, 2016

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One of the most effective ways to view your data in Operator10 is to create a DataView.

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Selecting the Home tab and creating a new DataView will allow you to customize the grid view of available data for any Location:Parameters you want. During the process of creating a DataView, the user will be able to select a Facility and L:Ps from that Facility to be displayed in the DataView. Saving this view will make it permanently available for future use.

Right-Click on any column in a DataView and select DataView Properties to customize the layout of your DataView. You will be able to select if you’d like to use an Hourly, Daily, or Summary DataView. You can also change the font and text colors, or add column color coding in the Column Setup tab.

Once a DataView has been created you will be able to navigate to the dates you want to view. With DataViews, you can quickly access your most important data for viewing and printing, as well as format it to suite your specific needs.

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