Tech Tip - Locating your License Number

January 10, 2017

Have you ever called AllMax Tech Support and were asked what your license number is? Don’t know it? Don’t know where it is? Your license number can be found in several places in the program.  Having your License Number before you call in for Support can help speed up the call process.  Your license number can also be used to access your Login Page on the AllMax Software Website.  The Client Login Page gives you access to Client News, Version Downloads, Webinars and Training Videos, and more. (Click Here to go to the Client Login

1.  Key Code – All of our programs require a key code to activate the software. If you have that key code handy, your license number is the first six numbers of that code (IE: 999976).

2.  File Tab – If you click on the File tab in any of the programs there is a field that shows your license number.

3.  Support Tab – If you are using the program, you are able to contact AllMax Tech Support by clicking on the Support tab. When you click on this tab you will also see your license number. 

(If you click on your license in options 2 & 3, you will get the box to also enter your keycode if needed)

This article has been published as part of the AllMax Software Tech Tips Series.  If you have any questions about this topic, or need any assistance with your software, please contact us at 800-670-1867 or you can use the Contact Us item on this website.