Tech Tip - Setting Up User Security

February 1, 2017

This video was specifically created for Operator10 and Synexus, but Security in Antero is very similar and the same principles apply.

The Security section is organized into four different tabs.  AllMax encourages everyone to set up their Security section, however each client can identify the appropriate level of detail that is right for their operation.

  • The Users tab offers options on top level access that each user should have.
    • Database Admin - Database updates impact all users of the application, so access to this should be highly restricted.
    • Security - Be sure to define which specific users should be able to make changes to the Security section itself.
  • The Facility tab controls which users have access to each Facility that you have defined.
  • The Groups tab allows for the definition of levels of access of similar users.
  • The L:P Permissions tab controls access to each specific Location:Parameter.

An additional security feature, available from the Tools tab in the Main Application, is the Locked Data feature, which is designed to let the user lock all data or lock data prior to a certain date.  When data is locked it cannot be edited until it is unlocked again by a user with the appropriate rights to do so.

This article has been published as part of the AllMax Software Tech Tips Series.  If you have any questions about this topic, or need any assistance with your software, please contact us at 800-670-1867 or use the Contact Us form on this website.