Maintenance Data Management

Maintenance managers have shared with us that one of their primary concerns is always "making sure that the work got done." With Antero, not only can you schedule preventive maintenance tasks to create your work orders, but you can also track when the work is completed.  This includes detailed information on when the work was scheduled, when it was completed, labor, parts and more.

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Manage your CMMS Data!

Antero has been thoughtfully designed to manage all of the data associated with your maintenance program.

  • Inventory tracking in Antero tells you what parts you need on hand for the work that is upcoming, whether you have those parts in stock, or if you need to place orders.  Accurate inventory prevents lost time in waiting for parts delivery, and also limits unintentional overstocking, allowing you to take full control of your parts inventory.
  • Review equipment costs in Antero to aid in important decisions on whether to repair or replace equipment.  Antero can also provide financial information that helps you illustrate how your maintenance budget was used and to justify budget requests.
  • Antero is designed to help users shift from corrective to preventive maintenance, leading to cost savings.  A quality preventive maintenance program reduces downtime caused by breakdowns, extends equipment life, and allows you to accomplish more when budgets are tight.

Antero also will assist you with work order scheduling, real-time data collection, historical data, cost and custom reporting. So you can accomplish more with minimal budget!

Technical Support
Add value to your software!

Technical Support is at the core of our approach to customer satisfaction.  The AllMax Support team gives each client the time and personal attention needed, and our response time is one of the best in the industry.

Services Available:

  • Annual Support - Phone, fax, email and remote support options are available, contact us today!
  • Program Setups - Allow AllMax Software to perfom basic to complete setup of your database.
  • Custom Reports - Need a report modification or complete custom report, allow AllMax to help you get the data you need!
  • Training - Classroom-style and online training options are available, contact us for more information.

Maximum Flexibility and Functionality

Get Proactive

Get Proactive 

Create and manage saved and scheduled work orders for equipment that can be created automatically based on a variety of scheduling conditions. Automate the creation process to have work orders generated daily without user-interaction!

Easy To Use

Easy to Use

Antero provides data in a standard and consistent manner, allowing for any user, novice or pro, to begin working with data and to be able to effortlessly move from section to section entering, retrieving and updating your maintenance data.


Standard and Custom Reports

Use any of the over 100 stock reports found in Antero to produce list, general and detail style results. In addition, customize templates to produce unique and varying layouts. Full custom reports with custom data and layout options are also available.

Customize Dashboard 3

Customize Your Dashboard

Organize information from multiple sections of the program into a unified display that is easy to read and understand. Create a variety of views and hotspot links for instant access to desired data.

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Without the Allmax Antero maintenance software keeping up with the new equipment and creating preventive maintenance schedules would have been impossible.

Chris from Oklahoma

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