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Literature and Documentation



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AllMax Literature eBooklet .pdf 351kB Download
Operator10® Wastewater Product Sheet (2 Pages) .pdf 500kB Download
Operator10® Water Product Sheet (2 Pages) .pdf 560kB Download
Antero™ Product Sheet (2 Pages) .pdf 551kB Download
Synexus™ Product Sheet (2 Pages) .pdf 865kB Download
BioSolids Brochure (1 Page) .pdf 177kB Download
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General Information

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Add-Ons .pdf 147kB Download
Program Setup Information .pdf 259kB Download
go2tech Information .pdf 321kB Download
Dealer Program Information .pdf 244kB Download
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Operator10® Wastewater Data Management with BioSolids .pdf 50MB Download
Operator10® Water Data Management  .pdf 41MB Download
Antero™ Maintenance Data Management .pdf 8.8MB Download
Synexus™ PreTreatment Data Management  .pdf 47MB Download
DataPort Manual .pdf 3.71MB Download
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What's New

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What's New - Operator10® Wastewater Data Management .pdf 345kB Download
What's New - Operator10® Water Data Management .pdf 425kB Download
What's New - Antero™ Maintenance Data Management .pdf 132kB Download
What's New - Synexus™ Pretreatment Data Management .pdf 231kB Download
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Case Studies

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Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority - Hesperia, CA .pdf 196kB Download
Wheeling Water - Wheeling, WV .pdf 212kB Download
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Install Documents

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Installation Instructions for Antero Maintenance Data Management .pdf 3.1MB Download
Installation Instructions for Operator10 Wastewater Data Management .pdf 3.4MB Download
Installation Instructions for Operator10 Water Data Management .pdf 3.6MB Download
Installation Instructions for Synexus Pretreatment Data Management .pdf 3.4MB Download
DataPort Installation Instructions for Operator10® .pdf 254kB Download
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