It's not enough to simply sell you a product. It is paramount to us that you are completely satisfied not only with your purchase, but our dedicated service during and after the sale.

Such vision and motivation has positioned AllMax as synonymous with quality, dependability, industry expertise and extraordinary service. And, we accomplished that by instilling in our customers such intangibles as confidence, reliability, and the knowledge that somebody will be there to answer questions and help when it's needed.

Technical Support

AllMax has trained staff available to assist you whenever you have questions about your software.  Accessibility to support is so important to us that each new software package comes with a year of complimentary technical support.  Support not only gives you access to our staff, it also entitles you to all new releases that are issued during the term of support.


Software training is available, and can be held at your location, or in-house at our office.  Standard training courses and customized training are available, depending on your needs.

Product Setups

AllMax staff can set up your new software using information that you provide to us, so that you can avoid the sometimes daunting task of setting up the software while you are learning to use it.  If you have existing data from a legacy solution, AllMax may be able to convert your data.  Our team can review your existing data and let you know if a data conversion is available.

Custom Reports

If you need a report that is not included in the stock reports, AllMax staff may be able to develop a custom report that will meet your needs.  Our technical support staff will be able to evaluate your report, and let you know if it can be recreated, along with details about the associated cost.

It is paramount to us that you are completely satisfied not only with your purchase, but our service during and after the sale. That is why we stand by all our products and work closely with customers so they can receive the maximum results with each product they purchase.  Our helpful employees want you to understand  all the resources that our products afford you so please call or contact us with any questions or support that you need.