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Pretreatment Data Management Software

Synexus Pretreatment


Pretreatment Data Management Software

A monitor displaying Synexus pretreatment.

Coordinate your pretreatment program

Manage industrial users, communicate with industries, track sampling events with this centralized database solution.

Synexus enables the control authority to establish and maintain industrial user data in the form of industry information, giving you sample results, limits and surcharges, as well as a journal of all correspondence with the industrial user.

Industrial Monitoring

Track all your industrial users and permits.  Details on industrial users and permits can be managed in Synexus, making the coordination of communication and inspections simpler.

Record detailed information about each industry, contacts, permit details and more.  Enter limit, surcharge and sampling frequency for parameters at each industry.  Keep detailed records of sampling events and follow-up deadlines with associated notes and documents.


- Record detailed information on all your industrial users.

- Enter results for each industry's permitted sampling parameters.

- Event Journal stores details associated with each sampling event.

Communicate with Industrial Users

Streamline communication with industries by storing letters, notices, reports, schedules and more – all in Synexus.

Synexus has built-in stock templates that you can customize for use in creating your routine correspondence.  Track details of when notices are sent, when inspections are due and follow-up deadlines.  Organize all your Industrial User documents, reports, notes, schedules, actions and more all in one place.  The Synexus database allows you to review your data in ways that are meaningful and efficient for you.


- Document Templates included with Synexus simplify routine correspondence with Industrial Users.

- Schedule sampling events and follow-up deadlines so nothing gets missed.

- Synexus keeps all interactions and follow-ups with industries organized and all in one place.


Numerous pretreatment-specific reports are available for reporting. Significant Non-Compliance (SNC), Limit and Surcharge reports are standard in the Synexus application. Additional Industry Detail and Sampling Schedule reports are included. Multiple year and 5-year reports are available to satisfy specific reporting requirements.

Our technical support team can provide custom reports when you need a report that is not included in the software.


- Track non-compliance and SNC using reports included with Synexus.

- Take industry information on-the-go with Industry Details reports.

- Sampling schedule reports can assist with your planning efforts.